The Wolf Will Lie with the Lamb is a Southern Gothic retelling of the Medea myth and the play of the same name by Euripides. The manuscript is contemporary fiction chronicling a scorned woman's descent into a vengeance so dark that no one, not even her children, are safe.

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Halimeda Grace Wickett is still known as Little Miss Deertick Springs AR, despite being grown-up and working as a pharmacist at Duncan's Drug Store. When Jasper McCann comes to town to merge the local bank with his conglomerate, Halimeda catches his attention. With a ring in hand, she can finally shed her reputation as the town spinster/former pageant queen and become someone important: Mrs. Halimeda Grace McCann.

Moving to Coronation, LA to start a life with Jasper is not the dream she'd imagined it would be, though, when their marriage unravels 18 years and three children later. Despite Jasper's aspirations to win the mayoral election and Halimeda's duty to be the perfect, patriotic wife, Halimeda won't take Jasper's affair lying down.