Moon Seeds is a YA contemporary fantasy novel.

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Willa Maeve Ruthers said she'd do anything to cure her mother, but she didn't know when she said it that someone was listening. When a black rabbit appears on her desk at midnight, chewing her science homework, Willa thinks she's gone mad. When it turns into a boy and offers to give her a cure if she'll complete three simple tasks in exchange, Willa doesn't care if she's gone mad. When she said she'd do anything, she meant it. Even if anything means following a boy down a rabbit hole beneath the old pecan tree to The Night Garden, a land where blood is currency and bones of the Garden's guardian can tip the balance between the keepers of all that is light and dark in the world. With one task to complete each night for three nights, Willa isn't sure she'll survive both the whims of the Prince of Night after dark and the halls of high school by day. Willa said she'd do anything, and anything, she learns, may mean sacrificing herself to save all of the light in her's - and everyone else's - life.