In Waves is Amanda's first novel, completed under the mentorship of Erika Krouse as part of the Lighthouse Writers Workshops Book Project. Other teachers Amanda has worked with through Lighthouse include authors William Haywood HendersonDoug Kurtz, and Eleanor Brown, as well as literary agent Shana Kelly. The novel is adult fantasy and complete at 124,000 words. Comparable titles include Labyrinth by Kate Mosse and Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness.

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Thea Saris jumped out the window of a Turkish police office and is now a fugitive for a crime she didn't commit. This won't look good on her transcript. The day before her arrest, Thea headlined world news for the year’s most important archaeological discovery, a necklace of silver pearls dating to the Mycenaean era. After a night of celebratory drinking, the necklace goes missing and Thea is accused of the theft. Turkish police, Thea quickly learns, aren’t the only ones tracking her after her escape. A vengeful immortal has set his sights on Thea as instrumental to acquiring the silver pearls, a mythical artifact that opens gateways between the worlds of the living, the immortal, and the dead. Thea will need help from another immortal, a Palestinian antiquities expert named Jacob, to find the real thief and clear her name. Thea only wanted to earn credit for her Ph.D. Now, she may never get to go home again, even if she survives the week.

In 1522, Rosalyn Atavyria dives for pearls off the coast of Rhodes, searching for the lost silver pearls that unlock a gateway to the world of her birth. If Rosalyn can find them she can save her daughter, Maggie, from prophesized death at the hands of an immortal monster's evil son. As the Ottoman Empire bears down on Rhodes, Rosalyn begins uncovering the missing pearls with help from mysterious strangers, including an amnesiatic doppelganger of Maggie's father and a woman tattooed with the mark of a Roman slave, centuries after the fall of the Roman empire. As the pearls are collected the gateway's lock loosens and nightmares relegated to myth slip into the mortal world. Time is running out for Rosalyn and Maggie, but Rosalyn will do anything to save her child, even sacrifice her own immortality and the man she loves and lost a second time. Despite her determination, Rosalyn can’t foresee that the prophecy's shadow will cast far beyond herself, netting Maggie’s daughter, Thea, in its grasp. Rosalyn and Thea, removed by secrets and five centuries, will need to work together to overturn the prophecy, overcoming time, loss, and fate to reclaim their independence and protect the family they fiercely love.