Citrus Groves is a dystopian/epic fantasy set half in a future world plagued by searing days, jellyfish-clogged seas, pollinator extinction, and a theocratic government, and half in a twin world overlapping and overshadowing our own.

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Lara has worked in the artificial citrus groves since she was a child. After the death of her father, a concert violinist left destitute and disgraced even after being acquitted for the murder of his wife, Lara must forge a new life for herself, alone. Determined to pursue her own passion for classical violin and break free of the entrapment of indoor migrant work in the artificial farms of a dystopian America in the year 2150, she aborts a child conceived from rape by a company executive. The illegal procedure leaves her sterile, but bad becomes worse when the provider is arrested, and his client list released. To avoid prison, Lara claims her only inheritance - her mother's ancestral home -a dilapidated estate and dying citrus grove on an island situated between Morocco and Spain. Lara hopes to find a home, a life, and answers about the mother she never knew on the island, a desolate expanse of ruins and orchards forgotten by everyone except a devoted caretaker, Yusef, and a strange little girl, Julep. What Lara finds beneath the trees of the dying orchard takes her on a journey into a strange world where she finally learns the truth about her family's past, the power of music in her blood, and an inheritance much bigger than she ever could have anticipated.